Authority Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

The best time to establish your authority on a topic or in a niche was a year ago. The second best time is right now. 

You can immediately practice these four strategies to be the authority in your chosen space. 

First – Dare to be ignorant about some things so you can be an authority on one thing

One of the keys to online success is authority. The key to authority is knowing what the heck you’re talking about and being able to express it well. via: 4 Unexpected Methods for Becoming an Authority on Nearly Any Subject

Every day your inbox is flooded with the shortest path to amazing online success. I call BS on that. Most of the time that is the shortest path to success for the author of the email and not you. The reason is simple it becomes a rabbit trial instead of a path. 

Creating an online business is NOT the time to learn new skills. Instead, it’s an opportunity to highlight and refine a skill you already possess. If you learn to build upon what you already know you’ll become an authority very quickly. 

Ignorance of every new thing that hits the market keeps you focused on the thing that you have to offer to your world. You know the actual thing that causes them to pay you. 

Wasting a month learning to create email automation can is a rabbit trail and not a requirement for online success. The struggle is real.

Dare to say to yourself, “I don’t know. That doesn’t fit my purpose.”

Three areas where you must focus your attention: 

  1. Your topic area – your daily routine must include following the trends in your industry. Reviewing news and laws that impact your niche. What businesses started. What business failed. This is simple by setting alerts and notifications to be delivered to you daily. 
  2. Your market – your market is people who exist in communities with common behaviors and common interests. Your daily routine must include knowing those communities and the things that impact them. 
  3. Your competition – your competition is vital to the health of your business. They’re spending money market analysis, market research, and buyer behavior. Watch them carefully. Their habits validate your offer and verify the existence of a healthy market. 

Sharpening your saw in the niche you’re serving will do more for your authority than any other exercise.

I was talking with a major player in the hemp industry. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned something that impacted about 30% of the suppliers in the industry.

“Are you sure?” He asked immediately. “I haven’t heard anything like that.” “Oh wait, I just tried to open their website. There is a redirect. Here’s another.” “How did you know?”

If you want to be an authority, you have to pay attention! That requires you to dive deep in your space and ignore some others. 

Second – Dare to be genuine in your interactions 

That madness that surrounds visually appealing sites like Instagram is rapidly creating a “fake” world. You will never be an authority unless you’re genuine in your interactions with your audience. 

Check out the comments by a bodybuilder who managed to “create” the perfect persona using imagery. 

A quick look at Murphy’s Instagram page will make you think he can’t take a bad photo thanks to his toned physique. But Murphy told Insider there’s a lot that goes into making sure he looks muscular in his pictures. When he started developing his social-media presence in late 2015, he learned a myriad of tricks that could make him look much more muscular. “I realised there are a lot of things that make my body look drastically different” in Instagram photos, he said. via: A bodybuilder showed how fitness influencers can make their bodies look Instagram-perfect in before-and-after photos

Nobody is perfect every day. The flaws come out. They must in the real world. The average reader recognizes this. Hiding the flaws while only showing the “filtered” results destroys your authority. 


Next – Dare to be distinctively different in your content creation

You’ll never be distinctively different in your content creation without focusing your attention on your audience.

Content isn’t about volume. It’s about value to your market. They determine the value, not you. This requires much more effort than simply dropping a bunch of stuff on a market.Authority content

Content for a kitchen remodeling company should include things like: 

  • Entertaining using the most modern appliances.
  • Meal ideas
  • Storage space 
  • Cleaning tips
  • Things that complement your kitchen 
  • And so much more… 

You cannot measure the impact of those ideas in terms of social engagement. You must get actual feedback from your audience. 

Check out this quote from Forbes…  

When it comes to social media, the consumer is always in control. Millennials have grown up in an age where they have had access to brands at a rate that has never existed before. Today, if a brand is not on social, then does that brand really even exist?

Just having a profile and blasting content through that channel does not build a connection or brand loyalty because your voice will get lost in the noise. You must create differentiation.

Yes, a great brand needs volume to make it known and meaningful. However, if the advertising that is being pushed out does not make sense to the channel used or the audience targeted than it is an uninvited guest. Even if the content is relevant and welcomed – it is still a guest and that is what most brands struggling in the social space forget. via: Stop Measuring Reach In Your Social Media Marketing: It’s About Genuine Engagement

Recognize that all of the dots are connected. People don’t just walk into the kitchen to hang out. They use the space to make their lives better. Talk about the better and you will win every time! 

 Finally – Dare to be controversial 

There is no doubt that controversy sells. If you are a therapist that does knee rehab after surgery. An article like, “Knee rehab specialist says doing these three things are good for her business because they are really bad for your knees.” Subtitled, “You’ve probably done at least two of them today.”  

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